Fist Fight
Empire Arabia Rating
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Faisal Jadir
  • Release date
    16 Mar 2017
  • Certificate
  • Running time
    95 Mins
  • Director
    Richie Keen
  • Cast
    Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Jillian Bell, Christina Hendricks, Dean Norris

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Fist Fight

Whether it’s a satire about the American education system and its treatment of teachers and students or simply about two guys fighting, Fist Fight misses out on quite a few opportunities to be clever, significant, and most importantly, funny.

Yes, Charlie Day’s character goes through some important change, and Ice Cube’s character may be more than he is on the surface, but the script serves the lowest common denominator to such an extent that it becomes very difficult to care about what is going on. While admittedly there are moments (very few) of physical humour that might garner a few chuckles, the comedy is tasteless, and many jokes don’t go anywhere.